Class Collective Universal

UFO.UFO-A.Collective Universal

public class Collective Universal

A Collective Universal represents a substance sortal whose instances are collectives, i.e., they are collections of complexes that have a uniform structure. Examples include a deck of cards, a forest, a group of people, a pile of bricks. Collectives can typically relate to complexes via a constitution relation. For example, a pile of bricks that constitutes a wall, a group of people that constitutes a football team. In this case, the collectives typically have an extensional principle of identity, in contrast to the complexes they constitute. For instance, The Beatles was in a given world w constituted by the collective {John, Paul, George, Pete} and in another world w’ constituted by the collective {John, Paul, George, Ringo}. The replacement of Pete Best by Ringo Star does not alter the identity of the band, but creates a numerically different group of people.