Package UFO.UFO-A

Class Summary
Abstract Individual  
Amount of Matter  
AntiRigid Mixin  
AntiRigidSortal A universal U is anti-rigid if for every instance x of U, x is possibly (in the modal sense) not an instance of U.
Collective Collective are Objects such that their parts exercise the same functional role on the whole.
Collective Member  
Collective Universal A Collective Universal represents a substance sortal whose instances are collectives, i.e., they are collections of complexes that have a uniform structure.
Complex Complex are Objects such that their instances can be composed of other Complex, since the parties exercise different roles on the whole.
Complex Member  
Complex Quality  
Complex Quality Universal  
Concrete Individual  
Domain Formal Relation  
Endurant Endurants are said to be wholly present whenever they are present, i.e., they are in time, in the sense that if we say that in circumstance c1 an endurant e has a property P1 and in circumstance c2 the property P2 (possibly incompatible with P1), it is the very same endurant e that we refer to in each of these situations.
Endurant Universal  
Formal Relation  
Individual Individuals are entities that exist instantiating a number of universals and possessing a unique identity.
Internal Relation  
Intrinsic Moment  
Intrinsic Moment Universal  
Kind A Kind represents a substance sortal whose instances are functional complexes.
Material Relation  
Mixin Universal  
Mode Universal  
Moment Moment denotes what is sometimes named a trope, or an individualized (objectified) property or property in particular.
Moment Universal  
Monadic Universal  
NonRigid Mixin  
NonSortal Universal  
Phase A Phase represents the phased-sortals phase, i.e. anti-rigid and relationally independent universals defined as part of a partition of a substance sortal.
Phased QuaIndividual  
Proposition Proposition is an abstract representation of a class of situations referred by a intentional moment.
QuaIndividual Set of the intrinsic properties of the role.
Quale Quales are perceptions or conceptions of an intrinsic moment that can be represented as a point in a quality structure.
Quality Dimension  
Quality Domain  
Quality Structure An attempt to model the relation between intrinsic moments and their representation in human cognitive structures is presented in the theory of conceptual spaces.
Quality Universal  
Quantity Quantity are Objects that group individuals who are portions of a maximal amount of matter.
Quantity Universal  
Relational QuaIndividual  
Relation Universal  
Relator Universal  
Rigid Mixin  
Rigid Sortal A universal U is rigid if for every instance x of U, x is necessarily (in the modal sense) an instance of U.
Role A Role represents a phased-sortal role, i.e. anti-rigid and relationally dependent universal.
Role Mixin  
SemiRigid Mixin  
Simple Quality  
Simple Quality Universal  
Situation Situations are special types of endurants.
Sortal Universal  
Subkind A Subkind is a rigid, relationally independent restriction of a substance sortal that carries the principle of identity supplied by it.
Substance Sortal  
Substantial Substantial are existentially independent particulars.
Substantial Moment  
Substantial Universal  
Universal Universals are predicative terms that can possibly be applied to a multitude of individuals, capturing the general aspects of such individuals.