Package UFO.UFO-A

Class Summary
Concrete Individual  
Endurant Endurants are said to be wholly present whenever they are present, i.e., they are in time, in the sense that if we say that in circumstance c1 an endurant e has a property P1 and in circumstance c2 the property P2 (possibly incompatible with P1), it is the very same endurant e that we refer to in each of these situations.
Endurant Universal  
Formal Relation  
Monadic Universal  
Object Objects are Substantials with a well-defined identity.
Quale Quales are perceptions or conceptions of an intrinsic moment that can be represented as a point in a quality structure.
Quality Structure An attempt to model the relation between intrinsic moments and their representation in human cognitive structures is presented in the theory of conceptual spaces.
Situation Situations are special types of endurants.